St. Moritz

Resort Description
Ελβετία Ελβετία

The first ski resort in the world was created in the 19th Century when the British nobility discovered the beautiful snow-filled mountains of St. Moritz.

With its reputation constantly growing, it remains one of the few original winter destination which manages to retain the grandeur of its past. After a stroll in the dazzling historical center of the town with its famous shops and restaurants, you too will feel part of the aristocratic ambience of St.Moritz.

With 350 km of runs and 2 snow parks the ski area is fantastic, especially for intermediate and advanced skiers.

St. Moritz combines glamour with great thrills on the snow like few resorts can. For this very reason it is the meeting point of the international jet set every winter.

The resort in numbers.
Village altitude: 
Highest point: 
Kilometres of pistes: 
Number of lifts: 
Number of blue runs: 
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Snow park: 
Cross country skiing: 
Ski & Snowboard Level
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Getting There
Detailed instructions on how to get to the ski resort.
The flight from Athens to Zurich lasts about 2 hs 50 mn The flight from Athens to Milan lasts about 2 hs 40 mn. The flight from Thesalonica to Zurich lasts about 2hs 30 mn. The drive from Zurich airport to St. Moritz is 200 km in 2hs 40 mn approximately The drive from Milan airport to St. Moritz is 200 km in 3hs approximately.
St. Moritz is about 683 km from the port of Ancona. Approximately 6 hours drive. We recommend a stop-over in Milan.
Pros and Cons
Advantages and disadvantages of the ski resort.
Cosmopolitan ski resort
Μεγάλο δίκτυο διαδρομών
Εξαιρετική επιλογή ξενοδοχείων πολυτελείας
Εξαιρετική επιλογή καταστημάτων, cafes και εστιατορίων
Long drive from the airport
Μη ενιαίο δίκτυο διαδρομών
Ski Map
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St. Moritz ski map
Hotels, Chalets & Apartments
A list of high quality hotels, chalets and apartments located at the resort.
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St. Moritz village map
St. Moritz village map
St. Moritz village map
St. Moritz village map
St. Moritz village map

Wonderland Lufthansa City Center

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